This week's episode covers a very important topic for expecting mommas - maternity wear! Click HERE to listen now!

We all want to be comfortable in our clothes - especially during pregnancy. Today's episode features some of my favorite places to buy maternity wardrobe staples without breaking the bank. Take a listen to hear my top four places where I scored quality clothing on a small budget. Spoiler alert: One of them is Amazon!

If you want to stay in your jeans or pants just a little longer, make sure you try this hair-tie hack.👇🏻

Pregnancy Hack: How to Stay in Your Favorite Jeans Longer | Maternity Clothes | Video | 30Seconds Pregnancy
Pregnancy has its moments – and those moments can be due to your clothes when they just don’t seem to fit! Yes, it’s annoying! Here’s a great pregnancy hack to keep enjoying those favorite jeans longer! Take a hair tie and loop it through the button hole. Slip the hair tie through itself and…

Also, here are some of the pieces I highly recommend from Amazon...

ILoveSIA 3-pack maternity/nursing bra

Larace 3/4 sleeve tunic top

3/4 sleeve dress

Check out the transcript HERE.

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