Happy July friends! We're back with another #momchat interview this week!

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I'm joined by my friend, former co-worker, and fellow mom, Meredith! We worked in the music industry together for nearly eight years, got pregnant around the same time and, now with our almost 5-year-olds...we're still figuring out #momlife day-by-day.

Screenshot from our Zoom interview circa October 2021

Our interview covers a TON! Birth plans, boundary-setting, self-care, IBS, and more!

Some of my favorite takeaways from our conversation were...

  • If you're pregnant with your first kiddo, start therapy NOW. It's never too late for therapy, however, Meredith opens up about the anxieties she had during pregnancy and shares how therapy could have been really beneficial on the front-end.
  • Carve out time for yourself. (We talk A LOT about "me-time" here at Secret Mom Hacks, but the fact is...many moms overlook it...so we're driving the point home!) Find ways to incorporate green therapy into your routine.
  • Discuss realistic boundaries with family.
  • Work with friends/family ahead of baby's due date to setup a mealtrain or something similar so meals are prepared/delivered quickly and easily.

I hope you find our chat as enlightening and entertaining as I did. 😄

This interview was originally recorded in October 2021. Grab the transcript HERE.

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Did you and yours have an exciting Fourth of July?! Stay cool out there! 🤗


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