Hi friend! Today's Secret Mom Hacks episode features nurse practitioner, author, and podcast host Valerie Probstfeld. We're delving into a topic close to many of our hearts: the imperfect, chaotic, utterly beautiful journey of parenting. [Click HERE to listen now!]

Loving Through Imperfection

Valerie’s narrative is one we can all find bits of ourselves in—striving for parental perfection, only to be met with the real-life challenges that motherhood invariably throws our way. From her initial days feeling overwhelmed in the NICU to grappling with postpartum anxiety, Valerie’s experiences have shaped her understanding of motherhood as beautifully flawed.

What stands out is her inspiring shift from striving for perfection to prioritizing love and connection. Valerie candidly shares how the uncharted waters of parenting led her to acknowledge and embrace imperfection, not as a flaw, but as a fundamental aspect of parenting.

The Simplicity of Loving

Amid the endless tasks and worries that come with being a mom, Valerie reminds us of something beautifully simple: the essence of parenting is loving. Valerie discusses her revelation that to "mom" is essentially to love. This simplification can be a liberation when the demands of motherhood become overwhelming.

Building a Community on Shared Imperfections

Valerie’s personal revelations propelled her to create "To Mom Is to Love," a podcast dedicated to fostering a community of moms who support and uplift each other through the ups and downs of parenting. The focus? Embracing imperfection, boosting mental health, and providing a reassuring reminder that you are not alone in your struggles.

Her efforts extend beyond the airwaves, with speaking engagements designed to deepen understanding of our mental processes—like how the amygdala influences our reactions to stress—and practical ways to practice mindfulness and positive self-talk. Through these platforms, Valerie aims to empower moms to manage their mental health with grace and knowledge.

Little Moments, Big Love

During our chat, Valerie also emphasizes the underrated simplicity and power of just being there. Being present—in all the chaotic, messy moments—creates the space to show love in its most impactful form. It’s not about grand gestures but rather the everyday expressions of love that build a nurturing environment for children.

We also touch on the isolation many new mothers feel, highlighting how crucial mom-to-mom support is during these times, underscoring the podcast's role in bridging these gaps and fostering connections.

A Call to Love Yourself

One of Valerie's poignant messages to fellow moms is about the necessity of self-care and self-love. Identifying and engaging in activities that rejuvenate your spirit isn’t just beneficial; it’s essential. Whether it’s through running, reading, or simply sipping coffee in peace, caring for yourself enables you to pour that love back into your family.

Join the Conversation

This episode is a touching reminder that in the whirlwind of motherhood, embracing imperfection and loving well are perhaps the most genuine forms of perfection we can achieve.

Be sure to listen to Valerie's podcast, To Mom Is To Love, where these conversations continue to inspire and uplift. (Don't miss episode #60 where I had the honor of being featured on her show!) You can also follow her on Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and LinkedIn.

And remember, in the journey of parenting, it’s not about avoiding the stumbles but learning to rise with love each time.

Until next time, cherish the little moments, embrace the chaos, and keep loving fiercely, mommas.


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