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I'm thrilled to be back with another episode that’s close to all our hearts. In the spirit of Valentine's Day, we're not just talking about love in the traditional sense, but delving into the deep, often unspoken love a mother has for herself and this journey called motherhood.

Today's special guest, actress and podcast host Alessandra Torresani aka Al, joins us today to unwrap the layers of motherhood and mental health. [Click HERE to listen now!]

Let me just preface this by saying, Al is a powerhouse of honesty and vulnerability. You may recognize her from "Caprica" or "Big Bang Theory," or as the host of "EmotionAL Support," a podcast that’s a beacon of hope sparking conversations about mental health. But today, she's here as a mom, an advocate, and a friend who’s ready to share it all.

In today's show, we dive right into the heartwarming chaos of parenting. Al gets us all nodding in agreement as she describes the dance of motherhood: Staying grounded while tackling the ups and downs, and the revelation that it's perfectly okay not to have it all together. She's refreshingly open about her postpartum challenges and the details of her breastfeeding journey. (And she's not the first podcast guest to recommend those silver cups as a breastfeeding must-have!)

Before you think it’s all parenting talk, we switch gears to something that many stay hush-hush about: The mental health odyssey during pregnancy and postpartum. Al lays it out there—her journey with bipolar disorder, the misdiagnoses, and finally, the clarity. It’s a tale of resilience, of listening to oneself, and the power of documenting emotions.

She isn’t shy about the blurry line between mental health and being a new mom either. She shares harrowing anecdotes about the fear of getting help and the misconception that reaching out might mean having your baby taken from you. But on our show, we bust myths, and thankfully, Al is right there with us, reassuring moms that it’s safe to seek the support you absolutely deserve.

The episode takes another memorable turn when Valentine's Day becomes the backdrop for a raw discussion on divorce and single parenthood. I peel back a few layers of my own experience, offering a slice of my personal story with divorce and how I bloomed post-split.

Throughout our chat, Al remains a radiant guide, advocating for openness in the often-taboo topic of mental illness among new moms. She calls for unconditional love and practical help—be it childcare, preparing meals, or a moment of breathwork to refocus on oneself. She even gets candid about the lack of advice she received when going off her medication during pregnancy and breastfeeding, highlighting a gap that needs bridging.

You don't want to miss the gems she's sprinkled throughout our conversation, like the merits of affirmations, and not underestimating the healing might of a good ol’ hug.

The love and gratitude we have for Al sharing her story are immense.

Whether you're navigating the rollercoaster of motherhood, dealing with mental health hurdles, or simply needing someone to talk to, you’re never alone. My goal is that every single Secret Mom Hacks episode reinforces that.

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