Hi friend! Whether you're a seasoned mom, a mom-to-be, or just curious about the wild ride that is childbirth, welcome back to Secret Mom Hacks! If you popped by last week, you already know we dove into part one of my birth story. Well, buckle up because episode two picks up right where we left off—with quite literally, a splash!

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That Mid-Night Gush 💧

So picture this: it's the wee hours of July 17, 2018, the original due date, and there I was up for what felt like the millionth bathroom trip. Just as I crawled back into bed, my body decided to throw a curveball—enter, the gush. My initial panic? “Did I just lose all bladder control?!” As I dashed to the bathroom, the reality hit me: nope, that was definitely my water breaking.

Fast forward, I called the birth center, and despite the lack of contractions, they called me in just to be safe. Time was ticking because, fun fact, once that water breaks, the clock’s counting down to get that baby out before any infections set in.

The Waiting Game and Wacky Concoctions 🕑

At the birth center, hooked up with IVs (shoutout to my newfound needle phobia survival skills!), it was a waiting game to kickstart contractions. Turns out, gravity helps, so I took to walking around the mall and was handed the foulest-tasting “contraction concoction” ever. No cocktail hour here—hours passed, and finally, contractions showed up fashionably late.

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The Midwife’s Advice: Time for the Hospital 🚑

Despite my labor room's serene, spa-like ambiance—with yoga balls and heated toilet seats—contractions weren’t ramping up enough, and the midwives started dropping hints. It was time to transfer to the hospital. "Hospital transfer" felt like a derailment of my birth plan, but when it’s about baby’s safety, you roll with the punches.

Epidural Bliss 🌸

Arriving at the hospital, pain levels skyrocketing, I had a 180 on my anti-needle stance. "Gimme the epidural!" And hallelujah, it was peace. I cannot stress enough the blessing of modern medicine.

Doula to the Rescue 🌟

Quick detour to sing praises for my doula. She’s the unsung hero, the calm amidst the storm! She decked out my hospital room with twinkling string lights, transforming a sterile setup into a relaxing oasis. Plus, she was my advocate, my hand-holder, and sanity preserver. Hire a doula, mamas—it’s worth every cent.

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The Big Moment: Emergency C-Section ✨

The dreaded c-section scare became a reality as baby’s heart rate dipped. The doctors made the call: “Time to meet your baby girl.” Anxiety melted into excitement. Wheeled into the operating room, high on adrenaline (and drugs!), it was a pressure-filled blur until a chorus of cries signaled baby girl’s arrival. Finally, seeing and holding her for the first time? Pure magic.

The Emotional Rollercoaster 🎢

From the gory details of the gush to the serenity of holding my swaddled infant, this journey was anything but predictable. Birth plans are beautiful in theory—until they meet reality. What's truly beautiful is the tiny miracle you get to meet at the end.

Next on Secret Mom Hacks: The Nitty-Gritty of Breastfeeding 🍼

As we wrap episode two, a teaser for episode three: we're diving headfirst into latching and nursing. Spoiler alert: it's an adventure all its own, complete with lactation consultants and the harsh reality that breastfeeding is not as breezy as Instagram makes it seem.

Self-Care Reminder for All You Super Moms 🧖‍♀️

Before signing off, a friendly reminder: take care of YOU. Hydrate, get moving even if it’s a quick stroll, slather on that skincare, and absolutely do not skimp on the sunscreen. You can’t pour from an empty cup, right?

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