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I’m so thrilled to share with you the very first episode of our podcast "Secret Mom Hacks!" If you’ve ever wondered what happens when a baby’s on the way or just want some laughs and learning from a real birth story, then buckle up, because this ride is wilder than any rollercoaster!

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It all started during the holiday season, a little before the New Year. You know how it goes—making those New Year resolutions to get fit and lose those extra holiday pounds. Well, there I was, totally unaware that those extra pounds were actually my little bundle of joy! Can you believe it? It wasn’t until I hit around the 20-week mark that I finally thought, "Hey, maybe I should take a pregnancy test." When I finally worked up the courage to head to the store (like a spy on a secret mission), I ended up feeling way too self-conscious. So, I turned to good old Amazon Prime—the kind of discreet shopping I needed.

Three tests later, my suspicions were confirmed. Baby on board and halfway to the finish line!

Now, let me tell you, realizing you’re pregnant halfway through has its own set of surprises and challenges. No wonder I hadn’t experienced those typical morning sickness blues everyone talks about. I guess every pregnancy really is different. But when I first heard that tiny heartbeat at the doctor’s office and found out I was 22 weeks along, I couldn’t help but be in awe.

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The cherry on top? Finding out we were having a GIRL! I immediately started dreaming about her playing with my old childhood toys, nesting like a crazy lady, and creating baby registries left and right. The excitement—oh, the excitement!

But like all epic tales, there were some dramatic twists and turns. Enter: the fear of giving birth. Yup, that looming anxiety about the birthing process had my nerves in a twist. But despite all that, I was determined to go for a natural, unmedicated birth at a birthing center in Nashville. Spoiler alert: the birthing center was AMAZING, definitely soothed some of those jitters.

Things were cruising smoothly until that bombshell news: my little girl was breech in the third trimester. Picture this—instead of yoga or meditation, there I was doing handstands in a pool and hanging upside down to get her to turn. Add in a heating pad, ice pack, ironing board antics, and you've got yourself a real show! Talk about extreme maternity yoga, right? In retrospect, it’s kinda hilarious, but trust me, at the moment, I was a puddle of anxious mama-to-be.

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Fast forward to the last stretch and there I was, desperately waiting for my mini-human to make her grand entrance. With my due date come and gone, I just couldn’t get comfy anywhere, except on my trusty exercise ball. Those last few weeks felt like a millennium!

But here’s where the drama peaks: at 2:00 am, days past my due date, my water broke! Talk about a wake-up call. I'll leave you hanging there because that's where Part 1 of my birth story wraps up in the podcast. It's like a cliffhanger of the best kind!

Before our final goodbye, I’ve got some golden advice for all you expecting mamas out there—get that birth bag packed and ready to roll at least two months before your due date. Essentials like a change of clothes, a headband, a newborn outfit, and definitely a toothbrush will be lifesavers. I’ll spill all the juicy details about what goes in that bag in a future episode, so stay tuned!

As I’ve learned, self-care isn’t just a trendy buzzword; it’s a crucial lifeline. Stay hydrated, sneak in a quick walk, and don’t forget those little skincare routines. You deserve all the love and pampering, mama!

I’m beyond grateful that you spent your time with me today. Join me next time, where we’ll dive deeper into my birth story, round two! If you think this was a wild ride, just wait ‘til you hear what happens next.

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