Hi friends! We're back with another #momchat interview this week!

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I'm joined by my friend and fellow mom, Audrey! We're hometown friends who grew up together and now live in different parts of the country, but have stayed in touch over over the years thanks to social media.

Our interview covers derailed birth plans, meconium staining, breastfeeding, and TONS more.

I especially appreciate Audrey's emphasis on accepting help. Now is NOT the time to reject help when your tribe offers to coordinate a meal train, clean your house, walk your dog, etc. JUST SAY YES AND THANK YOU!! 🤗 🙌🏻

This interview was originally recorded in September 2021. Grab the transcript HERE.

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I'm catching up on sleep after an amazing three days in Scottsdale for Mom 2.0. Can't wait to share my highlights with you. Sending hugs from Tennessee!