Hi friend! It's time for another episode recap of Secret Mom Hacks.

This week's show, episode 75, was an absolute gem, where I sat down with the multi-talented Laura Hartley.

Laura is a part-time school librarian, a mom of three, a wife, and the creative force behind the Instagram sensation, TNLittles. Catch the full episode HERE!

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Meet the Hartley Bunch
Laura’s got her hands full, to say the least. She’s the proud mom of three vibrant kids—two boys and one girl. And as if wrangling three kids and a part-time gig as a librarian isn’t enough, she’s also the mastermind behind TNLittles.

What Exactly is TN Littles?
TNLittles is an Instagram page Laura started in the spring of 2021, right after COVID turned our worlds upside down. Initially fueled by her need to find fun activities during lockdown, Laura began sharing her own family fun ideas. Think park visits, craft ideas, and pop-up story times. It’s a goldmine for moms looking for fun, educational activities around Nashville.

Laura loves how other moms on Instagram were her guiding lights, sharing unique ideas that never get old. (You know, like that fantastic craft you totally forgot about from last year!) Now, Laura can be that guiding light for you too!

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COVID Baby and Snowstorm Adventures
Laura also shared her unique tale of giving birth to her daughter on the exact day Nashville schools shut down due to COVID. Talk about timing! Her maternity plans were quickly swapped for at-home schooling with a newborn in tow.

And then there’s the snowstorm hack: when her kids are bouncing off the walls, she creates “stations” at home. Simple setups like an art corner or a reading nook keep her kiddos busy and engaged. Pro tip from Laura: a little bit of structure goes a long way!

Let’s Talk Mom Hacks
This episode is chock-full of practical advice that’ll make you want to take notes. From setting up a pom-pom jar to motivate kids to do chores, to the absolute lifesaver toy—MAGNA-TILES. Laura swears by these magnetic building blocks that entertain her kids at home and on the go.

Self-Care, Anyone?
Laura's husband gifted her a year’s worth of facials for her birthday, and she swears it’s been her saving grace. Pro tip from Laura: Once the money's spent, you’re more likely to go!

The Ultimate Question: What’s Your Mom Hack?
Laura spun a thought-provoking thread—why do so many moms think they don’t have any mom hacks? The truth is, what seems second nature to you might just revolutionize another mom’s day. So, don’t be shy; your experience is golden!

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Final Thoughts
This episode is a gentle reminder that we’re all in this chaotic, beautiful mess together. Each mom has her unique treasure trove of hacks and expertise. Whether it's through Instagram accounts like TNLittles or a heartfelt podcast conversation, there’s always something new to learn and share.

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Stay tuned for more hacks, laughs, and heartfelt mom moments. And remember, you’re doing an incredible job. Keep rocking, momma! 🌟


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