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As Mother’s Day is nearing, let’s carve out some time for crafting and cuddling with our little ones! In this week's Secret Mom Hacks episode, we discuss not just the beauty of DIY gifts but I share some crafty wonders that promise to add a personal touch to your Mother’s Day celebrations – and trust me, they’re fun and endearing! [Listen to this episode HERE!]

Here are 5 DIY crafts mentioned on today's show that you and your munchkin can enjoy together, creating gifts that speak louder than words.

1. Handprint Oven Mitts

Imagine pulling a tray of freshly baked cookies from the oven using mitts featuring your little one’s handprints? Not only is this craft simple and adorable, but it also adds a personal touch to everyday kitchen tools. Just grab some fabric paint and a pair of plain oven mitts, and let those little hands make their mark! Check out Amy's tutorial over at The Idea Room.

2. Handprint Clay Jewelry Dish

Every mom has trinkets and treasures that need a chic holding spot. What could be better than a jewelry dish molded by your child’s own hands? Use air-dry clay to shape these quaint dishes, press in those tiny hands, and voila – a perfect keeper for your favorite rings and earrings! Check out Rebecca's step-by-step tutorial over at Simple As That.

3. Handprint Dish Towel

Turn an ordinary dish towel into a canvas of memories by stamping it with your child’s handprints. This keepsake will not only add charm to your kitchen but will serve as a beautiful reminder of this brandishing time with your kiddos – a truly personalized kitchen accessory! See Vicki and Amy's tutorial over at Canary Street Crafts.

4. Fingerprint Painted Butterfly Mugs

Whether it's morning coffee or evening chamomile tea, a mug printed with colorful butterfly patterns made from your child’s fingerprints will surely brighten up your day. It’s simple: paint, press, and perhaps a little mess, but a gorgeous masterpiece awaits at the end of this rainbow! Check out Kim's tutorial at The Best Ideas for Kids.

5. Fingerprint Heart Photo Frames

Lastly, capture your favorite moments in a frame as unique as your love – using cardstock, paint, and a pinch of creativity. Each fingerprint on the heart-shaped frame brings life to this sweet memento that encapsulates the love and joy shared between you and your little one. Head back over to The Best Ideas for Kids for another tutorial from Kim!

Want even more fun DIY Mother's Day craft ideas? Check out dozens more in this article from Country Living.

Crafting isn’t just about making things; it’s about making memories, and each of these projects encourages just that.

Plus, they’re not just crafts; they’re treasures, laugh generators, and love cultivators. [Don't forget to tune-in to the full episode HERE!]

Till next time, keep crafting, keep smiling, and as always, you've got this, mama! 💖


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