This week's episode features an interview with my friend and fellow publicist, Kia Jarmon. Click HERE to listen now!

Screenshot from our Zoom interview circa March 2022

Kia is a thriving mompreneur who leads MEPR Agency - a people-centered boutique communications and community engagement firm based in Nashville, TN. She is also founder and visionary for the Nonprofit Equity Collaborative and she serves as philanthropy advisor of Give Black, Give Back, the first effort from the Black Philanthropy Initiative in Middle Tennessee. She's also the incredible mom of a young boy.

Our interview covers the importance of traveling with kiddos, setting boundaries, being mindful to document our experiences with our children - in photos, video, and/or via journaling, and SO much more.

This was one of my very favorite takeaways that Kia shared: "They are brilliant because their mind only knows how to be brilliant. And then as time goes on, and because I talked to adults all day, I was leading a workshop recently and I said, as an adult, it's almost like every day somebody chips away from your joy. And as children, all they have is joy..."

May we all put ourselves in our kids' shoes and recall what it was like to be a child. May we all find ways to stop chipping away others' joy.

I walked away feeling super inspired after our chat and know you will too!

Check out the transcript HERE.

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