As we wave goodbye to 2023, join me for an uplifting journey of reflection and intention-setting that's sure to inspire. It's the end-of-the-year episode I've been excited about and I have A LOT to share.

So, tuck those little ones in, or let them have a little extra screen time (I won't tell), because it's time for us to chat about the year that was and the year that will be.

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Can you believe it? We've whizzed through another year, and what a ride it's been!

Transforming our entryway into a family photo showcase was a definite high point. Every time I walk past those beaming faces on the wall, I'm reminded of why we do what we do—family, love, and a slew of vibrant memories. Aaaaand...I'm already scheming a spectacular stairway sequel for next year – stairway gallery, here we come!

I have a little confession to make. I didn't quite get around to hosting that neighbor potluck I've been thinking about—but, hey, that's why we're doing "24 in '24", and neighborly noshing is definitely on the menu. I'm already scribbling down theme ideas. Taco Tuesday, anyone?

Bookworm update—did I reach my reading goals this past year? Well, yours truly devoured six whole books, and I'm hungry for more. The goal for next year? To flip through even more pages. Gather 'round for storytime, because I'll be sharing my favorites with all of you!

But why stop at books? We hit a creative milestone here at Secret Mom Hacks with over 24 blog posts and podcast episodes. That's like baking a cake that doesn't just rise to the occasion—it reaches for the stars and sprinkles itself with glitter.

One of the sweetest slices of this year's cake was finding balance and bonding with my family through fitness. Together, we've become full-on Y warriors, breaking a sweat with a smile. Family fitness for the win!

Now, let's chat about voiceovers—a passion of mine that's been on a low simmer while we've been cooking up content for our weekly podcast episodes. Sure, it's taken a backseat, but it's not forgotten. It's all about striking that harmonious balance, and I've got my sights set on juggling both megaphones in the year to come.

Let's not forget the other goodies in our goal jar—like planning a Disney cruise with the fam! It's in the works, and who knows, we might just encounter a couple of mouse-eared friends along the way.

But it's not all fantastical adventures and storytelling—I'm also about embracing the nitty-gritty of real life, like that triumphant moment my husband and I kicked our credit card debt to the curb. Talk about a happy dance!

Speaking of wisdom, let's tip our hats to Gretchen Rubin and her "23 in 23" roadmap for intentional living. Her insights are the reason I set these goals—ones that are personal, professional, and all about self-care. After all, it's not just about the end game; it's about the journey—embracing our vulnerabilities, celebrating our wins, supporting each other, and making sure we're prioritizing ourselves along the way.

So, consider this your invitation to huddle close, set those bold, beautiful intentions, and remember—it's about reflection, renewal, and rejoicing in those wins, no matter how big or small.

Until our next cozy catch-up, keep your goals glowing and your hearts open to the delightful mayhem of motherhood.

Catch today's full episode HERE now!

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