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Can you believe Christmas is only FIVE DAYS away?! Just a few more days until our Elf goes back to The North Pole and Santa makes his rounds. My daughter told me this morning that Christmas is taking FOREVER to get here. 😂 I remember feeling that way too. Now it seems like we go from Halloween to Christmas in a blink.🤪

🎅🏻Wherever you are and whatever you celebrate, I hope you have a very Merry Christmas!🎄

For this week's podcast episode, we're picking back up with part two of my recent chat with Lo Nigrosh, host of "The Milk Making Minutes" podcast. (Check out part one HERE!)

It was a conversation that touched on the messy and beautiful aspects of mom life, and Lo shared some real gems that I can't wait to pass on to you.

In today's show, Lo opens up about the critical importance of finding breastfeeding support groups, both in person and online. Her insights on connecting with a community that truly understands the journey of breastfeeding were truly eye-opening. It's a reminder of the strength we gain from sharing our experiences with others who are walking a similar path.

Next up, Lo explores the topic of nutrition for breastfeeding moms. She sheds some light on the cultural variations in dietary recommendations, ultimately emphasizing the importance of nourishing both body and soul. Her approach to embracing food as a source of satisfaction and energy, without succumbing to external pressures, really strikes a chord with me.

As we get deeper into our conversation, Lo reveals a powerful truth: nobody has it all together. The raw honesty and authenticity in her words were both refreshing and reassuring. It's a reminder that it's okay not to have every aspect of mom life perfectly in order. A sentiment that I know many moms, including myself, truly need to hear.

We wrap the episode with a game-changing concept that Lo shares – the "unicorn space." The idea of finding a space that's solely ours, where we can be social, creative, and joyful, resonated deeply. It's a reminder to prioritize our own happiness and fulfillment amidst the chaos of motherhood, and it's something that I've personally taken to heart.

If you're pregnant or nursing, I highly encourage you to subscribe to Lo's show - "The Milk Making Minutes." Her passion for helping moms navigate their breastfeeding journey shines through.

Our conversation is a powerful reminder that it's okay to embrace the messy and find joy in the chaos of mom life...which I think is very timely as we soak up these last few weeks of the holiday season!

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