Hi friends! It's time for this week's show, right in time for the most magical time of year—Christmas!

I’m buzzing with excitement, not only for the holiday season but to share today’s very special podcast episode!

Our guest is someone who is a beacon of light for all the moms out there, facing the rollercoaster ride of breastfeeding with the courage and tenderness of a true Christmas angel.

I was fortunate to sit down recently with Lo Nigrosh—mom, doula, childbirth educator, IBCLC, and the voice behind “The Milk Making Minutes” podcast.

Together, we’re peeling back the layers of breastfeeding, sharing stories and truths that support and empower moms everywhere.

Tune-in now HERE to listen to part one of our chat, where Lo shares her own journey, which had its share of trials and tribulations. Her experience with her first child paved her path to becoming an IBCLC and, in turn, has helped so many others navigate through their own breastfeeding adventures.

Lo gets real about the struggles and societal barriers that so many individuals feeding their babies face. It's not just about feeding; it's about nurturing and bonding, and sometimes, it takes a bit of a fight to preserve that special connection.

During our conversation, we talked about how often primary caregiving can feel like a solitary mission. Lo shares how it’s essential to build your own herd, whether it's through playdates, support groups, or even forging friendships on the playground when your kiddo connects with a new playmate.

Lo emphasizes how partners and family members can swoop in as superheroes, taking on practical tasks, and finding their unique ways to bond with baby. Babywearing? It’s a game-changer! She also shares her experience with learning to let go of control, which honestly hit home for me. It gave her partner space to step up, which not only strengthened their dual role as parents but also gave her much-needed “me time.”

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Today's episode covers a lot of ground!

As we wound down our chat, feeling grateful and enlightened by Lo’s valuable insights, I was reminded just how much dedication—both emotional and physical—breastfeeding involves. But it's also about knowing when to lean on others, so that self-care is not just a phrase but a practice, for the well-being of both mamas and their little ones.

I'm already so excited for part two of my chat with Lo Nigrosh coming out next week—but in the meantime, I’d love if you checked out Lo’s socials, tuned into her podcast, and shared your takeaways or personal “mom hacks” from our talk today.

Keep your cups of cocoa hot and your holiday spirits high until the next episode.

Remember, we're all about sharing the secrets behind the hacks, but also igniting the joy and togetherness that makes motherhood, and this season, so special.

Catch today's full episode HERE now!

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