Hi friends! It's Thanksgiving Eve!

With the holiday season in full swing and a new year just around the corner, I thought this was a good time to talk about fitness, mindful meal planning, and overall healthy living. Which...admittedly...can be difficult to prioritize in the craziness of parenthood.

That's why I'm stoked to have Vanessa Flores, founder of Kettlebell Kickstart, on today's show! She's a mom, a health and fitness expert, and she lives right down the street in our neighborhood! How cool is that? [Click HERE to listen now!]

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Vanessa Flores

On this week's episode, Vanessa shared some invaluable tips on how to stay active and eat healthy without sacrificing precious family time. And let me tell you, her strategies are game-changers.

When it comes to fitting exercise into your jam-packed schedule, Vanessa and I agree that anything is better than nothing. Even if you only have 15 minutes, make the most of it. Go for a brisk walk, do a quick bodyweight circuit, or involve your kids in a fun workout session. Remember, consistency is key, and every small step counts towards a healthier you.

Now, let's talk meal planning. We all know that finding time to prepare nutritious meals can be a challenge, especially when the kids are demanding your attention. Vanessa's advice? Keep it simple! Start by planning your breakfast and make sure you fuel your body with a protein-packed meal. From there, focus on dinner and aim to make enough for leftovers, which will save you time and effort when it comes to lunch the next day. And hey, don't stress about having an elaborate meal every night. Pick theme nights like Taco Tuesdays or Mediterranean Mondays and keep it enjoyable and stress-free.

But let's not forget the superhero of macronutrients - protein! Vanessa explained the importance of protein in our diets, from building muscle to keeping us fuller for longer. And here's a pro tip: incorporate protein into every meal. Start with at least 30 grams per meal and work your way up to what feels right for you. Remember, this is a journey, and step by step, you'll be amazed at the positive changes you'll see and feel.

Now, let's talk kettlebells. Vanessa highlighted the effectiveness and accessibility of kettlebell workouts for parents like us. Kettlebell workouts are not just about creating a perfect physique; they're about developing skills and improving overall body strength. It's all about technique and engagement from head to toe. If you're new to kettlebells, don't worry. Start with the fundamental movement - the kettlebell swing. And guess what? Vanessa and her team have created a fantastic tutorial for you to get you started safely. Remember, it's all about building strength, endurance, and power. With the right guidance, you can be a kettlebell pro in no time!

Vanessa is a fount of knowledge and inspiration for moms seeking a healthier, more fit-focused lifestyle. From prioritizing exercise to simplifying meal planning, she's got you covered. Follow her for ingenious ingredient swaps, simple meal plans, and quick workouts that fit into your busy schedule.

Connect with Vanessa on FacebookInstagram, and her website.

Catch the full episode HERE now!

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Stay tuned for Part 2 of our interview with Vanessa next week, where we'll uncover even more mom hacks to make your life easier and healthier.