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Today we're diving back into our fascinating interview with Michelle Grosser of The Calm Mom. [Click HERE to listen to part-two of our conversation now!]

In this week's episode, Michelle and I dive into the nitty-gritty of self-care, parenting fails, and maintaining calm in the midst of mommy madness. Get ready to take some notes because we're about to uncover some refreshing insights that will leave you feeling inspired and equipped to take on the daily mom grind with a newfound perspective.

Let's kick things off with the age-old topic of self-care. We all know it's important, but who has the time? In today's conversation, I share about my personal fitness journey and the realization that taking care of oneself isn't selfish, but rather a necessary component of being able to show up for loved ones. Michelle chimes in with some thought-provoking advice, emphasizing the need to redefine self-care beyond spa days and retail therapy. According to her, self-care is all about recharging our mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health. She suggests three simple daily practices to set the stage for a healthy and regulated nervous system: ten minutes of movement, ten minutes of stillness, and ten minutes of play. Trust us, you'll want to jot these down.

Next we cover a topic most of us don't enjoy talking about: parenting fails. We've all had those "What was I thinking?" moments that make us question our parenting capabilities. Michelle encourages a shift from judgement to curiosity, prompting us to reflect on the reasons behind our less-than-stellar parenting moments. By embracing vulnerability and accountability, we create the space for personal growth and deeper connections with our kids. And hey, they don't need perfect parents; they need present parents. So, the next time you lose your cool, remember, it's a teachable moment for both you and your little one.

Speaking of keeping it together, how do you maintain your sanity amidst the chaos of motherhood? Michelle's unconventional approach might surprise you. She advocates for letting go of the pressure to have it all together, playing the "inside out" game instead of the "outside in" game. This powerful mindset shift allows for a more peaceful and confident inner state, regardless of the external chaos.

As we wrap up this enlightening discussion, a gentle reminder from Michelle Grosser implores us to stay curious instead of judgmental, not only towards ourselves but also towards our kids. After all, those temper tantrums might just be cries for understanding. And for the big things that stress us out? Well, in the grand scheme of things, they might not be as crucial as we make them out to be. Keep that perspective handy the next time you find yourself sweating the small stuff.

Self-care, parenting fails, staying calm, and keeping it together—these are the real struggles we face every day. Armed with these bits of wisdom from today's episode, we can take a deep breath, embrace the messiness, and navigate motherhood with a newfound sense of grace and understanding.

Remember, you're doing a great job, and it's okay not to have it all figured out. Let's show up, be present, and tackle this wild ride of motherhood with a sprinkle of self-compassion and a whole lot of love.

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