Hi friends! Is your little monster ready for Halloween? Mine sure is!

Our spooky decor has been out since Oct. 1 and my daughter's costume arrived last week. We attended our first kid-friendly Halloween event a few days ago and it was a big hit! Just a couple more weeks until we'll be greeting trick-or-treaters at our door. Halloween is always so fun in our neighborhood!

It's Wednesday, so that means it's time for this week's episode! 🎉

Today's show features the wonderful Hilary Erickson from "Pulling Curls." Get ready to laugh and learn! [Click HERE to listen now!]

Photo Credit: Courtesy of Hilary Erickson

First things first, Hilary is a labor and delivery nurse and a mom to three. With a fun sense of humor and a wealth of knowledge, she shares zillions of resources on her blog, social media platforms (all linked below!), and podcast to help moms navigate these uncharted territories of parenthood. (Sound familiar?!) Can we get a round of applause for this incredible lady?

Now, birth plans can be a touchy subject. As Hilary puts it, sometimes people come in with a plan that excludes all sorts of interventions like pitocin, C-sections, and episiotomies. But here's the kicker: life sometimes has other plans, and those interventions may become necessary despite our wishes. Hilary believes that being too rigid with our birth plans might even increase the chances of needing those interventions. Wait, what? Manifesting, where art thou?

But hey, let's not get discouraged. Hilary's main message is that communication is key. Let your doctors and nurses know your preferences. They'll do their best to accommodate your wishes, but sometimes we have to trust their expertise and go with the flow. And trust me, they've seen it all.

In the hospital, nurses play a crucial role in our parenthood journey. Hilary shares that they can be your personal superheroes, providing guidance on everything from breastfeeding to postpartum blues. Embrace their wisdom, dear listeners!

Now let's shift gears to the postpartum period. Hilary insists that parents need to plan for both partners to get at least four hours of uninterrupted sleep each night. Work out a plan with your partner to make this happen!

Hilary's got plenty of postpartum survival hacks up her sleeve. From having healthy snacks prepared in the fridge (bye-bye, donuts!) to making sure you have a bottle and some formula on hand for emergencies, she's got you covered.

In this chaotic journey called motherhood, remember to embrace the mess. Take small steps towards organizing if it brings you peace, but prioritize getting enough sleep and snuggling that adorable bundle of joy. And hey, don't forget to breathe.

This is just the tip of the iceberg. Listen to the full episode for tons more of Hilary's expert mom hacks!

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Until next time, keep these mom hacks close to your heart and your sense of humor even closer. Stay fabulous, pumpkin! 🎃 😉


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