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I'm happy to share that today's podcast episode features a very special guest. Get ready to meet Aditi Wardhan Singh - an amazing author, editor, publishing strategist, and founder of Raising World Children. We've never met in person, but our connection through email and Instagram has made us fast friends! It's incredible how social media brings people together, isn't it!? Listen to the episode HERE!

Screenshot from our Zoom interview circa January 2022

Aditi shares several personal #momlife experiences, some of which will have you on the edge of your seat!

From labor and c-section stories to must-have gadgets for new moms, we cover lots of ground in today's interview! Plus, Aditi opens up about the cultural differences in Indian society surrounding topics like delivery, sex, and becoming a mother.

We also talk about the ever-elusive pursuit of happiness. Aditi touches on her emotional rollercoaster during the pandemic, from homesickness to joy and everything in between.

Finding the balance between motherhood and personal time is an ongoing struggle for many of us and something Aditi is all too familiar with. She's learned the importance of prioritizing self-care, even at the expense of her kids' desires. It's a powerful lesson that every mom needs to hear, reminding us to take care of ourselves without guilt or shame. Cheers to "me time"!

We end our chat with Aditi offering three valuable strategies to improve our well-being and productivity. Carving out "me time," efficient task management, and personal growth through new activities are all keys to unlocking our full potential. And let's not forget the significance of taking breaks and practicing self-care. Remember, mommas, it's essential to recharge those batteries!

I really enjoyed getting to know Aditi and hope to have her back soon to chat more about her books, manifestations, and her favorite affirmations. 😄

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This interview was originally recorded in January 2022. Grab the transcript HERE.

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