Hi friends! Today's show is another mini-episode highlighting a few stories relevant to families and parents from the last month's worth of news headlines that you may have missed. Click HERE to listen now!

Here is what I covered:

The myth about floaties and water wings that all parents should know
“I’m begging parents not to take their eyes off their children when they’re in or around water.”
I Investigate Drownings — Here Are 10 Things Everyone Should Know About Water Safety
We see so many news articles about drowning during this time of year, but a lot of the advice isn’t practical, so I wrote my own list of tips.
Mom’s parenting hack to tire out kids using YouTube labeled “genius”
A mom of three shared the trick she uses to keep her children with ADHD occupied, which many teachers and parents have greatly appreciated.
Skin patch for toddlers with peanut allergies could offer parents ‘peace of mind’
A skin patch called Viaskin Peanut may increase peanut tolerance in young children, a new study finds.
A simple, low-cost treatment process could save 22,000 new mothers’ lives every year, scientists suggest
Postpartum hemorrhage is the leading cause of maternal mortality worldwide. New research suggests pairing a low-cost device with a quick bundle of treatments to stop blood loss.
Exhausted, disconnected and fed up: what is ‘parental burnout’ and what can you do about it?
It can be difficult for time-poor parents to practise self-care. But when they do, it has a positive impact on their physical and mental health, and on their family too

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