It's Wednesday, so I'm back with another episode! Click HERE to listen now!

In this week's show I'm flying solo and talking alllll about my breastfeeding must-haves. These are all the hot items I WISH I knew about from day one of my breastfeeding journey. If you're just getting started down that path, consider this your shortcut to breastfeeding bliss!!

And if you know a new mom just getting started with breastfeeding, PLEASE share this with her. She will SO grateful for this cheat sheet!

👇🏻You can find links below to all the items I mentioned in this episode.👇🏻

Must-have #1: ioveSIA Nursing Bras - get it HERE

Must-have #2: haakaa Manual Breastpump (I was calling this the haakaa squeeze bottle in the episode because I didn't know the actual name😂) - get it HERE

Must-have #3: Breast Pads (I loved the Bamboobies brand!) - get 'em HERE

Must-have #4: Milk Catchers/Milk Collection Shells - get 'em HERE

Must-have #5: Milk Bags - get 'em HERE

Must-have #6: Freezer Milk Bag Holder - get it HERE

Must-have #7: Pumpin' Pals Flanges - get 'em HERE

Must-have #8: Milky Way Breastfeeding Supplement by Greenstar Naturals - get it HERE

Must-have #9: Legendairy Milk's Pump Princess OR Liquid Gold - get it HERE

Must-have #10: Mrs. Patel's Milk Water Tea - get it HERE

Grab the transcript HERE.

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