When I was pregnant with my daughter in 2018, I realized just how little I knew about becoming a parent. I knew a precious baby was growing inside me, but I had no idea how pregnancy would affect me physically, emotionally, psychologically, and so on. Nor did I know what to expect as I was raising this sweet human.

I sought out all the books, podcasts, YouTube tutorials, blog posts, etc. about pregnancy, birth, post-partum, and the like. Name a resource and I likely had stumbled across it. There are zillions of them. Sure, some gave very helpful, tactical insight, but many were clinical and unrelatable.

Being in the trenches and talking with other moms, we’d start commiserating about certain #momlife topics no one was discussing – or maybe were too embarrassed to talk/ask about. I realized it wasn’t just me! Thus, the idea for Secret Mom Hacks was born!

Every parent has a different story, a unique set of circumstances, and a valuable perspective we can all learn from. What if I could talk with other parents and experts (such as doulas, lactation consultants, child psychologists, midwives, authors, and more) and document those conversations to share with other parents?

What would be the best way to share these conversations? Podcasts have become one of my favorite ways to consume news, deep-dive on a particular topic, or be entertained with a story. A podcast would allow me to deliver these dialogues with genuine enthusiasm, since listeners would hear our voices – not just read our words in black and white. And maybe the most important benefit…a podcast is portable and easy to consume while multi-tasking – which many of us moms are guilty of. (Are you a master multi-tasker? I know I am!)

I started recording this podcast when my girl was just 13 months old. For various life reasons – more on that later – I had to pump the brakes on it. With the onset of the pandemic, I managed to get back on track and recorded a batch of interviews with some amazing mommas! As the world fortunately started re-opening though, my podcast production once again took a backseat to other life priorities.

Throughout 2022, a number of variables came into play that got me re-thinking what I wanted my future to look like and I couldn’t stop thinking about my Secret Mom Hacks podcast project. I had developed a giant list of ideas/dreams/goals for it that felt unattainable at the rate I was going. I was working on it in my fringe hours. i.e. Never, because in my downtime I’m primarily focused on family or self-care. I decided this was something I wanted to pursue more than just “whenever I could get to it.”

After LOTS of reflection, prayer, amazing conversations with my husband, and super-mindful budgeting, I gave notice with my employer to exit my full-time job so I have capacity to dedicate the time and energy this project deserves. You’ll hear more from me soon on my official launch and what that looks like, but for now, mark your calendar for weekly episodes starting Wednesday, March 1!

In the meantime, I have a few preview episodes available wherever you listen to podcasts. Find me on your platform of choice HERE!

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If you’ve made it this far, please know how grateful I am for your support! I also appreciate your grace as I figure out this whole podcasting thing. I’m learning valuable tips EVERY DAY about how to create a stellar podcast, but I also know perfect is the enemy of good. If I keep focusing on perfecting every little nuance…I will NEVER get this podcast up-and-running and that doesn’t help any of us.

Thank you for joining me on this journey and stay tuned for more coming soon!