Earth Day is this Saturday, April 22, so I thought I'd share a few quick ideas for celebrating it this weekend! It's a great opportunity to teach our littles about the importance of taking care of our planet.

Here are 12 fun, easy, kid-friendly ways to celebrate Earth Day:

Plant a garden - Teach your kiddos about the importance of growing their own food and plant a garden together.

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Planting a garden can affect not only your child’s body but also their brain and soul.

Go for a nature walk - Take a walk in a nearby park or forest and teach your children about the different plants and animals that live there.

Make bird feeders - Use recycled materials to make bird feeders and hang them in your yard.

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Start a compost pile - Teach your kids about composting and start a compost pile in your backyard.

Create art with recyclables - Use recyclable materials to create art with your children.

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They’re not too young to learn about the environment.

Have a litter pickup - Organize a litter pickup in your neighborhood or local park.

Make eco-friendly cleaners - Teach your children about the harmful chemicals in traditional cleaners and make eco-friendly cleaners together.

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Make a terrarium - Create a mini ecosystem in a jar by making a terrarium with your kids.

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Bring the outside in with a DIY terrarium for kids that will build fun life-long memories that you and the kids will cherish.

Have a no-waste picnic - Pack a picnic with reusable containers and utensils to reduce waste.

Make seed bombs - Teach your kiddos about the importance of planting wildflowers and make seed bombs together.

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Kick off your spring science with an Earth Day activity and make seed bombs with your kids! A flower seed bomb is a fun DIY gift!

Go on a bike ride - Take a bike ride with your kids and teach them about the benefits of biking instead of driving.

Make a recycled birdhouse - Use recycled materials to create a birdhouse and hang it in your yard.

By celebrating Earth Day with our kids in these fun and educational ways, we can help them develop an appreciation for the environment and inspire them to make sustainable choices in the future.

I'll be taking my little one on a bike ride and possibly making a homemade bird feeder with her. She loves birds, so I think she'll really enjoy that.

I'm starting Earth Day by running my first 10K! Wish me luck!🏃🏼‍♀️🤞🏻

Will you be doing any of these Earth Day activities? I'd love to hear about them!